If you're looking for the massive hop punch but well balanced beer this IPA reigns supreme.

Our take on this All-American style accentuates the CTZ hop blend, comprised of Columbus, Tomahawk, Zeus hops. The citrusy lupulin extracted, in tandem with other hops, give this beer a much sought resinous aroma, flavor, and bite that  keeps us salivating.


Myth has it that this style of beer originated during British colonial times as soldiers were shipped beer reserves in India. Hops were used as preservatives but that floral hop flavor and aroma that they instilled upon the beer were an unexpected benefit. However, this style didn't take off in America until the 'Craft Beer Revolution' took off in the 1980's on the American West Coast. Over the years, the IPA and its many off-shoots have become both an icon and a staple of American craft beer as they deviate from the watery and general flavorless product that has been popularized by 'Big Beer'.


CTZar has a fairly translucent golden/copper body. Look for some pristine head lacing as you drink a pint!


An aromatically neutral yeast allows for all the resinous hops to pervade. The malt bill lends subtle sweetness to the nose.


A predominant "danky-ness" comes through from the amalgam of high alpha-acid hops used. CTZ, Chinook, and Cascade create a unique blend of American pungency and citrus. Crystal and Munich malts underlie with a sweet backbone to finish off your sip.


  • ABV: 6.2
  • IBU: 78
  • OG: 1.063
  • FG: 1.010
  • SRM: 12

Food Pairing

Pairs well spicy food, and most anything grilled in your backyard.

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