Session IPA


Now there is no need to stop the party early. This beer is crafted with all the flavor you expect and lower alcohol content, so you can party all night!

We love brewing beer we love to drink. However, a few IPAs deep, and we are feeling the alcohol settle in. So, we devised a beer that provides us the flavor we crave with less alcohol so that we can enjoy it all afternoon.


As chronicled in other descriptions, the American IPA is a much hoppier version of the English IPA. The term 'session' is used to describe beers that are of lower gravity/ABV, meaning that more can be consumed in one sitting without getting the consumer overly inebriated.


The Session IPA pours with a frothy head, breaking down compounds and allowing for an intense hop aroma to emit. The body is golden with a slight haze from the immense amount of hops packed into it.


This beer is bolstered with hops that present a spicy, pine, and lemon aroma.


This beer is lighter bodied so that the hops can have a stage upon which to perform. The Session IPA has that much desired strong bitter backbone.


  • ABV: 4.6
  • IBU: 68.8
  • OG: 1.040
  • FG: 1.006
  • SRM: 4.0

Food Pairing

Pairs best with spicy foods.

We’re planting High Cotton everywhere.

If it’s not at your favorite watering hole, let us know and we’ll get to it.  See the accounts tab for current places to find us.

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