Cream Ale


For those wanting a transition from Big Beer to Craft Beer, this one is for you.


Brewed a Moderately Difficult Way… (Can we legally say that?)… (We just did)…


This is an iconic North American style beer, signature for its lightness in all aspects that was popularized after Prohibition.


Crystal clear straw, light golden beer


Clean, light, subtle sweetness


Mashing with a little flaked corn created a very smooth, drinkable, refreshing, light-bodied, crisp beer.


  • ABV: 5.2%
  • IBU: 20.1
  • OG: 1.050
  • FG: 1.011
  • SRM: 4.1

Food Pairing

Ballpark type offerings such as popcorn, salted peanuts, or hot dog

We’re planting High Cotton everywhere.

If it’s not at your favorite watering hole, let us know and we’ll get to it.  See the accounts tab for current places to find us.

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