Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout


Stout is either a style unto itself or sub-genre of Porter, depending on whom you ask. But if you ask us, our Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout is a spot on contender for beer of the season.

Brewed with a heavy dose of oats and chocolate malt to start the backbone of this brownish black beauty filled with fennel and other savory spices that make it the perfect salve for the soul and a tonic for those who thirst for inspiration.


The history of Stout dates as far back as the 17th century. Originally just a high-gravity Porter, brewers began to create varying types and strengths of Porter and thus started naming them "Stout Porters". Over time the word porter was dropped from the name and Stouts came to mean a heartier/ higher gravity dark brew.


An opaque deep brown, nearly black.


Herbal and anise notes are followed by the smell of roasted espresso beans and spice. Finishes with a light touch of bourbon and oak from the barrels


Rich, coffee with hints of chocolate and the gentle addition of oak and bourbon from it's time resting in the barrel. Finishes with fresh pepper and anise notes.


  • ABV: 5%
  • IBU: 30
  • OG: 1.057
  • FG: 1.019
  • SRM: 35

Food Pairing

Pairs well with rich, roasted meats, game, bittersweet chocolate, breakfast sausage (and the rest of breakfast, too).

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