Smoked Belgian Golden


A creative mind shines in this Smoked Belgian Golden Ale

Our head brewer, Paul, wanted to give y'all a taste of something a tad different. He smoked a portion of the grain bill himself on a combination of apple, cherry, and hickory; in addition to decocting the the mash to assure a light bodied beer. On top of that, he open fermented a Trappist yeast to let the Belgian esters shine. All of this combined makes for an easy-drinking Belgian ale that has flavors and aromas not typically paired together.


The words Belgian Golden are often followed with Strong Ale. In the early 1900's, Belgian brewing had to adapt to a globalizing beer market (i.e. the European/German Lager Revolution), thus was created the Belgian Blonde in order for breweries to compete. 'Boss Smiley' alludes to the history of the style, but adds a new component: smoked malts - a characteristic often attributed to darker styles of beer. It blends beer styles and refuses to conform to initial expectation.


Fairly translucent golden.


Belgian Trappist yeast open fermented, allowing sweet banana esters to form. Yet, they do not dominate because the smoked grains lend a mild aroma.


This beer is interestingly dynamic. A light bodied beer, poising a mild residual sweetness with a soft dry flavor. In addition, the smokiness is a backdrop to the flavors the yeast bring to this beer.


  • ABV: 6.5
  • IBU: >20
  • OG:
  • FG:
  • SRM: 5.3

Food Pairing

Goat cheese salad and/or mullet.

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